The People Behind The Product

Founded during the first few months of the Pandemic, 2020 Candle Company started as just a way to send gifts to loved ones during the lock-down. It was inside jokes with coworkers and friends we were newly separated from. And being the crafty bitch I am, I wanted to make it my own, and if I was going to make it, I wasn't going to half ass it.

Speaking of half assed, I bet you're wondering whats with the toilet paper? Well, to tell that story, you'd have to look at that sexy man in the photo. That's my guy, we met at a restaurant we ran many years ago. Where I was the front of house, He was running the kitchen. I, the people person, and He the numbers guy. He once said my memory for numbers was worse than a wet paper bag, it was toilet paper.. which in all honesty is fair. But hey, that's fitting because what would Toilet Paper be without an Ass?

Fast forward, now our blended family of my two boys, and his two girls, (I know it's cute right?) were smack dab in the middle of The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. I mean come on, how perfect is that? My nickname, the fact that no one could wipe their butts.. We made the best out of a completely, wait for it, crappy situation, and we knew it was time for me to throw my 2 ply into the sky, and start this company.

He and I, do everything we do for our kids. When 2020 hit, we did what comes so naturally to us, we put our hard work and creativity into building a new future for them. From the flaming toilet paper, to splashes of color and torn paper... everything is inspired by our creative family and all the days in lock down creating art, learning together, and making memories. It's all for the Buttheads.