What We're Made Of

Our mission is not only to give you funny, creative, and deliciously good smelling candles, but to use the very best ingredient because you deserve the very best experience.

So you're a candle lover, but you admit, you don't really know what goes into making a candle. We all know not to leave a candle unattended, to trim the wick, and to burn candles away from children and pets.. but did you know the quality of your wax is also a facture in safety? Let's get into it..

Whats In Our Wax?

We use wax that is not only toxin, paraffin, and phthalate free, but is also FDA approved. So what does that mean? Well, when that wax heats up, it changes from a solid into a vapor, a vapor into a gas, and into the air it goes. It's how you get that lovely smell throughout your home. But, if it's in the air, it's in your lungs, that's why we use the highest safest quality of wax.

Big Wick Energy

Ethically sourced crackling wooden wicks? Yes Please! Cleaner burns and big wick energy? Absolutely! Trim or pinch the tip, (behave) before each burn, light that big boy up, and enjoy the tiny campfire sounds. So cozy.

Putting Fragrance First

Just like wax, we put safety, quality, and your best experience above all else. All of our Candle scents are custom formulated to give the most complementary Top, Mid, and Base notes. This basically means, our candles have multilayered scent profiles in its cold and it's hot throw. So whether you're burning your candle, or letting it chill, you'll have a stunning, strong and unique smell experience.